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More On Pre-writing & Outlining


For me, the most enjoyable part of the process is writing the script. One reason is that I’m actually completing the work I set out to do when I started this whole thing.

Second, I can now concentrate on the fun aspects of the project because I have resolved all of the script’s issues during the outline stage.

I would suggest providing your script’s outline with as much information as you deem necessary. Your outline is only for you because this is your pilot.

Therefore, the level of detail you provide and the manner in which you arrange the information ought to be entirely determined by what will make your script stronger and easier to write.

If you want to be extremely specific, be extremely specific. You can plot out every beat, every line of dialogue, and every minute detail of your script. However, that is also possible if all you want to put down on paper is the structure’s basic skeleton.

When writing your script, it’s especially important to outline where you want to go. If you don’t know how your story will end, you might not start with the right beginning to make sure the ending you come up with is true. If you did an outline, you probably would have noticed a critical flaw in your story that makes the whole thing not work halfway through.

With a very much considered and point by point frame, you have the chance to figure out the greater part of

your story issues quite a bit early so there’s to a lesser degree a possibility returning to do

a page one change since you’ve screwed yourself.

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