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The Use Of Single Cam vs. Multicam


Like a movie, a single shot is taken on sets, locations, etc. in a single camera show. Like a play, a multi-camera (previously three camera) film is shot on a stage. Instead of capturing each angle one at a time with a single camera, four cameras simultaneously capture the action to provide the required coverage.

Either they use a laugh track or a studio audience watches the shoot. In reality, the purpose of using an audience is not to direct home viewers to the intended locations of jokes. The actors’ timing and delivery change as a result of the simulation of a live performance.

Therefore, it is unfair to remove The Big Bang Theory’s laugh track, as they do in those YouTube videos. The actors’ performance is based on the reaction of the audience, so it’s inevitable that it will sound insane.

Therefore, you will need to decide whether you want your pilot to be written in multicam or single cam format. I am aware that the majority will select a single camera.

Since becoming a professional writer, I’ve written four single-camera sample pilots out of five. However, multicamera is not out of the question, particularly if your show will primarily take place in one or more of the same locations. Here are some reasons:

1. It would be beneficial to demonstrate that you are capable of writing for one of the numerous multicam shows currently airing.

2. Networks are typically more likely to purchase a multicam if you want to sell your show because they are less expensive to produce and generally do better in ratings.

3. Multicamera shows are among the best ever. They are not comedy death at all.

4. They are simpler for me to write.
I would only suggest that you write something that best demonstrates your writing abilities. Don’t use the multicam format if you can’t do that. But before you start writing, I would at least give it some thought.

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