PHD Stipend Hotspots Around the World: Discover Where to Find the Best Funding Opportunities

If you’re looking to pursue a PhD degree, you have to make some pretty important decisions. Where should you go? What should you study? How can you afford it? This guide will help you figure out all of the above! We’ll help you discover the top five PhD stipend hotspots around the world, where funding opportunities abound and tuition is cheap or free.

Whether you’re trying to find an international PhD program or just find a great spot for conducting research on your own, check out this list of countries that will help your research dreams come true.

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PhD Stipends Around the World

North America

Places like Canada, Mexico and much of the United States are commonly known for offering great opportunities for incoming graduate students. At just $15,250 per year (averaged across all fields), US citizens pay one of the lowest rates in comparison to other countries with a similar quality of education. However, PhD stipends range from $30,000-50,000 USD per year in Canada and Mexico, respectively.

The key point that makes these locations so popular is not necessarily their high funding rates but more-so their combination of low living costs compared to other PhD stipend hotspots around the globe. In addition, you will find extremely low tuition costs that make it easy for these graduates to settle down and focus on studying rather than spending time hunting for work or supporting themselves financially.

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One of a handful of PhD funding hotspots in Europe is Germany. Master’s students have their tuition fees paid for, and PhD students have their living expenses paid for by scholarships. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers fellowships for foreigners looking to pursue postgraduate degrees in Germany. Another organization, Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), pays French nationals and foreign nationals with permanent residency grants of between €1,500 and €2,000 per month.

PhD candidates are also eligible for a PhD stipend from their university or national research agency. Research-oriented universities such as École Polytechnique offer direct doctorate programs—this means you won’t be required to have a master’s degree before starting your PhD program.

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Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand is a great place for PhD students looking for support. There are two primary sources of funding available in New Zealand, each with its own set of stipulations. The first source is known as a doctoral scholarship. This allows recipients to either pursue research or study for up to three years and is funded by both government grants and/or industry contributions. The second main source of PhD stipends in New Zealand comes from university-specific scholarships, which are awarded directly by individual universities.

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The Middle East

Despite what Western media may make you think, America isn’t your only option for pursuing a PhD in pretty much any discipline. Numerous schools around the world will support you with financial aid for up to five years as you work toward your degree. However, there are several places you should avoid like these PHD stipend hotspots from around the globe that offer great opportunities without hurting your wallet.

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